5 Fresh Bakery Products from Swissyum for your Evening Tea

The freshest baked confectionaries for your evening snacks, from Swissyum

Kolkata cannot think of a perfect evening without a smoking cup of tea to rejuvenate the spirit. But, the perfect cup of tea also deserves to be paired with a fresh baked confectionary to sweeten the pot. If you are considering your options for fresh bakery products to start off your evenings on a sweet note, then look no further than Swissyum’s palatable pastries!

5 Swissyum pastries to help find your evening sweet tooth

When the Sun heads home past cow-dusk time, make sure you find one of these Swissyum pastries sitting next to your tea:

  1. Mango pastry

Nothing ushers in those memorable summer evenings quite like a mango pastry. The aroma of the pastry rivals its taste, and it’s a memorable sugar rush with the taste of the king of fruits in every bite. The after taste of the mango makes every sip of the tea even more enjoyable!

  1. Orange Pastry

Orange’s may not be available throughout the year but why should that stop you from digging into an orange pastry with your evening tea? The soft, spongy fluff of the cake marinates in the orange cream, spelling nothing but ecstasy in every bite!

  1. White Forest

 Given in to the amalgam of white chocolate and cream with the white forest pastry. The white forest pastry has a cult following that nearly rivals its dark chocolate counterpart. Alternating a bite of the white forest pastry with every sip of your evening tea is the way to go!

  1. Choco Truffle

What’s better than a layer of chocolate? Why several layers of chocolate of course! Do not hold yourself back if you have the chance to pair your evening tea with a chocolate truffle. Wash down the sinful chocolaty goodness with tea, without sparing a thought.

  1. Butterscotch

Which of us did not yearn for ‘butterscotch-flavoured everything’ as a child? So, it is only natural that we do not shy away from digging into a butterscotch pastry or two over our evening tea.

Pamper your sweet tooth with these fresh bakery products from Swissyum.

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