5 Snacks from Swissyum That You Can Munch on the Go

One cannot simply have enough of Swissyum’s trail-mix products

In a city such as Kolkata, where almost everyone has been bitten by wanderlust, the options for snacks to munch on the journey may vary from person to person. But, as far as travel snacks are concerned, most travel-buffs and wayfarers swear by these three items rather than confectionaries from any top bakery in Kolkata.

The three snacks for the travel-buff Kolkatan

Here are the de-facto travel-snacks that travel-buffs from Kolkata swear by:

  • Chiwda

‘Chiwda’ or ‘Chira’ is flaked, puffed rice. The evergreen snack is consumed with roasted nuts, curry leaves, spicy seasoning and other preferential additives.

  • Muri

‘Muri’ is a staple that needs little introduction. The beloved snack has spawned numerous quick recipes that produce some of the tastiest travel snacks. The typical Bengali individual cannot finish a plate of ‘muri’ without pairing it with a cup of piping hot tea.

  • Badaam

A healthy snack that’s loved by all, badaam or ‘roasted nuts’ deserves this mention. You cannot grow up in Kolkata without running into a ‘badaam-walla’ on the bus or train while travelling!

Most of us agree on these points, but the question comes down to that of the brand. What brand can offer these finger-licking snacks in a quality package? Why, of course Swissyum can!

5 Swissyum snacks for travel-buffs

A 135 gm portable pack of dry-seasoned and mildly spicy puffed rice.

An irresistible 35gm pack of cilantro and salt seasoned, roasted nuts.

A calorie-sensitive mix of flaked puffed rice, that is mildly spicy.

A 50gm pack of puffed rice with a drizzle of lemon juice for tanginess.

  • Pet Pooja

A 150 gm pack of flaked puffed rice, with herb seasoning and roasted nuts.

It was a beloved pirate from a children’s movie franchise who once said that ‘it’s not the destination so much as the journey (that matters)’. But, even a top bakery in kolkata cannot rival Swissyum’s snacks when it comes to keeping your taste-buds busy on a journey!

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